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A candidate can be any individual who uses the Platform in order to contact the recruiter and find a new job. The same candidate may be employees or associates of companies from the IT sector, which include mainly: programmers, developers and analysts.

A recruiter is a natural person, a legal person, an organizational unit without legal personality or an entrepreneur whose aim is to employ a candidate. Recruiters are usually: employees of HR departments, directors, owners and managers of IT companies, representatives of external recruitment companies.

A candidate who wants to find a better and more profitable job in an anonymous and safe way should: Create an account on the IncognitoHR Platform, accept the regulations, complete the candidate's profile and then start anonymous interviews with the recruiters! Once the terms and conditions are agreed upon favorably for both parties, the candidate may share his or her data with the recruiter in order to finalize the contract for a maximum of 72 hours and only for one recruitment process.

In order to find an IT specialist, the recruiter should start with: Create an account on the Platform, accept the terms and conditions of the contract with the IncognitoHR Administrator, publish an announcement on the search for a candidate to work in the IT sector and start interviewing the specialists available in IncognitoHR database.

Anonymity during recruitment allows each candidate to have equal rights and fair treatment by recruiters. The lack of data on: gender, age, origin and appearance allows to focus only on the candidate's skills required for working in the IT sector. Moreover, anonymity allows for safe interviews with other employers without fear of losing the current position and salary, as well as potential repression by the current employer.

Due to the collection of confidential data, submitted by candidates and recruiters, we ensure security on many levels. First of all, our Platform's servers are located in Geneva, and the data placed on them is subject to Swiss legislation, according to which there is no obligation to decrypt them even at the request of a judge. Furthermore, the Platform is regularly monitored by ImmuniWeb for any gaps, deficiencies and potential attacks by malware and third parties. The data collected on the IncognitoHR platform is not transferred to third countries, international organizations or third parties. Only you may decide to make your data public, e.g. during the recruitment process. The security and confidentiality of the data is supervised by a trained team, a number of technical safeguards, Swiss privacy and cryptography legislation and Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU of 27 April 2016.

Focus on your skills and education. Do not write about specific projects in which you have participated and by which you could be identified. However, present your contribution to the individual projects, focusing on the competences that are of particular interest to your future employer. Think about what he needs and what skills distinguish you from your competitors, and then prove it through the right presentation, confirmed by examples.

Although IncognitoHR platform provides the highest security standards, you must remember not to accidentally reveal your identity. To this end, remember not to use our platform with the tools of the company you want to leave because your data remains in the memory! So don't use it:
  • business laptops or tablets,
  • SIM and Smartphone cards of your employer,
  • company printers and scanners.

Also, disconnect yourself from the company's WIFi network!

The recruiter sees only the data that the candidate provides him with. There are two options:
  • Limited access, thanks to which the recruiter sees only the candidate's professional qualifications.
  • Full access, which allows a specific recruiter to view all the candidate's data contained in the profile for a period not longer than 72 hours.

Disclosure of data takes place only with the candidate's consent.

The IncognitoHR platform guarantees anonymity to every candidate. However, in case of interest from a particular recruiter, the candidate can open his/her profile by checking the "Full access" option. The consequence of the above actions is to make your data available to the selected recruiter. In this way the recruiter can finalize the recruitment process.

According to the IncognitoHR platform regulations, the recruiter is obliged to maintain confidentiality, use the candidate's personal data only for the recruitment process for one specific position.

IncognitoHR gives you the opportunity to publish an unlimited number of advertisements for free! The platform charges a fee when the employer decides to hire an employee.

The platform does not charge for publication of job advertisements. You only have to pay if both the employer and the employee decide to cooperate. We charge a commission fee on the candidate's salary. On the basis of experience and market analysis we can confidently state that our rates are very beneficial and profitable.

IncognitoHR is a platform that is a "bridge" between employer and employee. Everything depends on you. If you are not sure if you want to participate in the proposed process, or just don't want to talk through other communicators, you have the right to say no.

Since we have created a platform to help you find a new job, we do not want you to be limited by any limits. To sum up, you can apply for any job offer.

You are entitled to it! If it turns out. You can choose to work with the company in a different way or the proposed projects did not meet your expectations, you can cancel the process at any time. Inform the recruiter about it, give constructive feedback. Maybe not all is lost?

Do I have the possibility to block the sending of messages to me? Absolutely, we give you that possibility! When you complete your profile, you can move italics to "off". This will result in your profile not being displayed during the search. You can still search, read and apply for various job offers.

If during the interview, working conditions unfavorable for you are proposed, then you have the right to resign from the process and demand removal of your personal data. In accordance with IncognitoHR regulations, the recruiter may use the candidate's data for the agreed upon only during the recruitment process for one specific position.

Of course! We would be very grateful if you notice a bug on the site which you will want to share with us later. Use the "contact" function to describe the situation and we will read the message. We are glad that users actively help us to fix the errors.