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We are Localistico, a London-based startup with a top international team that have worked in companies like Google, Microsoft, Yelp or Tuenti. We have offices in central London & Madrid although our team works remotely most of the time (with quarterly in-person meetups).

We are building a local marketing and analytics platform to help marketing teams bridge online and offline. We believe that the way people find and interact with real-world locations is different from just websites. We think advances in geotargeting and analytics in platforms like Google and Facebook, plus the digitalization of brick & mortar locations will increasingly create new ways to reach customers and enhance business value - but will at the same time bring complexity. We are here to simplify that complexity.

We’re revenue-generating and manage location data across more than 80 countries for brands like Telefónica, Repsol or Inditex. We have been part of Wayra and SeedRocket accelerators, were awarded a KPMG Shift100 Marketing Tech and are official partners of amazing digital players like Google, Apple or TripAdvisor.

Your mission, should you wish to accept it, is to join us as a frontend developer to help us grow and build the user-facing components of the platform.

Our platform:
Localistico's growing up! As a result we are dividing our application into several ones. Our idea is to have complete independent applications from front to back but without losing the current interactions among them.

In the front our core is written in Ember.js. However, we have already created a new part in React and we are pushing for that restructuring.

Localistico's backend is based on a mix of Ruby on Rails and Python components. Data storage is mostly PostgreSQL, Redis and S3

Our infrastructure is based on heroku and AWS using docker. We are in the process of transitioning to Kubernetes and Google Cloud.

Your Role:
Your focus will be on the Localistico frontend applications, written in Ember.js and React single-page webapps. Your tasks will include various integrations with our platform APIs, working on the definition of User Stories and making sure the interactions and the UX delight our users.

Must have:

  • Languages. 3 - 5 years of experience coding with JavaScript (ES6 + babel) HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Frameworks. 3 - 5 years of experience working with Ember or React Javascript frameworks and willing to learn the other one if you just know one. APIs. Experience integrating front-end with complex RESTful APIs and data models between services.
  • English. Good spoken/written English is a must. We use English for day-to-day chats, videoconferences and documentation so professional proficiency both spoken and written is required. Spanish as an extra would be great.
  • Timezone. Not more than 3 hours time zone difference from London (+/- 3 hours). We’re a distributed team but we have experienced issues in coordination when team members are more than 3 hours time difference from our normal timezone. So for now we’re discarding candidates that are too far away. Sorry if that’s your case, we hope to be able to revisit this at some point in the future.
  • Team member. We are building our team from the ground up, so we won't take into consideration agencies or externalisation of any kind. We hope you understand!

We are looking for someone very specific, so if you don’t meet the above requirements we will not be taking forward your application.

Nice to have (highlight these if you have them):

  • Knowledge in TDD, BDD and different types of tests.
  • Experience with maps and geo in addition to reporting, visualizations and libraries would be great: we use Leaflet for maps, D3 for graph/data visualisation or equivalent JS libraries.
  • Well-rounded experience in software development and, specifically, in front-end development as part of a team doing code reviews in a pull request of a team mate or pair programming, as well as updating/maintaining other team members’ code.
  • Some experience in UX and designing User Interfaces.
  • Having worked in sort-of-large Javascript applications before and/or in a startup environment would be good for extra brownie points, but not mandatory.
  • We’re looking for the type of person that is always learning and feeling ready to take new challenges (despite it being scary sometimes!).

What we offer:
  • Work in a squad: in addition to working with the wider product team we operate squads for our projects, which means you will work closely in small teams of rotating engineers based on skills required for the project. You’ll be part of a small team where everyone counts!
  • Flexible location and hours: we are a distributed team and we plan by goals, not times - work from wherever you are happiest and feel most productive. For when you need an office, you'll have them in London and Madrid.
  • In-person Team meet-ups — we call them Kickoffs — every 3-4 months Creative work: don’t just execute to guidelines but be a defining part of a great team tackling an interesting problem and help us drive the solution and the company culture.
  • Health and learning perks: We want all our team members to be healthy, grow and develop so we offer perks to cover the costs of gym classes or other sporty pursuits, language learning or other courses/conferences.
  • Competitive salary (34K€-51K€) + bonuses and equity participation (employee stock options scheme), based on location and experience. Ask us for details if you’d like to discuss, we’re very open about this. We want everybody that is part of the project to share the uptake as we share the work.


JavaScript html5 CSS3 APIs react ES6 HTML5 React RESTful Spanish Babel Ember.js


United Kingdom, London Borough of Lambeth
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