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Join us to build the next major productivity category: AI scheduling assistants.
We are looking for a fellow colleague and partner who is excited about combining systems programming with NLP, and machine learning to automate one of the most annoying task professionals have to: endless back-and-forth to schedule meetings.

We proved product/market fit with our MVP and are getting paid for our product. We'd like to formalize our software development practices and accelerate development. We are building a distributed team and you can work remotely if you wish.

FreeBusy helps companies automate all meeting scheduling to grow faster and make decision quicker. There are several tools to share your availability with a link for 1:1 meetings with a prospect or candidate. But things get complicated quickly when the prospect wants to bring to the meeting more people from their side and is asking you to bring technical rep from your side and provide a screenshare.

With FreeBusy you can find the time and schedule group meetings with internal and external people in 60 seconds, not 2 days. Freebusy integrates with your web conferencing to automatically create and add the conference call and can be used to schedule on behalf of others.

When designing FreeBusy we are mindful to how introducing technology into a business relationship is perceived. Sharing your availability link might be efficient, but it can be seen as a power move. The last thing you need is a turn off or to ask your client to enter their name and email in yet another form and feel like they’re doing all the work.

FreeBusy has a better solution: Live Meeting Polls. You can preset everything about the meeting ahead of time, take the first step to suggest a few times to your client, and poll external participants to vote on preferred times while sharing availability for internal participants. Calendar changes for internal people will be reflected in the poll options in real-time and the poll will guide external participants toward other times avoiding wasted time picking time that have since become unavailable.


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