Senior Frontend Developer (React.js)


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Description du poste:

Amazing developers, great specialists, but first and foremost cool PEOPLE!
We encourage leaders who share best practices with one another, and who are very adamant about clean code.
We're a team of top performers.

100% of our clients and referrals are from the most important IT market, so the USA.

As a more experienced Developer, you should have an impressive history of unique career and life experiences to bring diverse views to our team and also the ability to transform your experience into the right choices for yourself and your team.

How We See Your Role

  • Writing readable and easy to maintain JS code with the use of Babel transpiler
  • Technical involvement in the product - finding the ways to improve it
  • Direct connection to the design person and implementation of its vision within HTML and CSS
  • Reuse and improvement of the company knowledge base
  • Communicate with the team to efficiently translate business complexity (user stories/tasks) into solutions (results/estimations)
  • Writing documentation for delivered code
  • Being a natural leader in terms of Frontend - staying on top with trends/news, sharing them, teaching others and aiming for best quality solutions
  • Having direct involvement or being responsible for solution end architecture

About You

  • Knows JS - been there, done that - understands most of the concepts, knows how and why JS works as it does, is able to pass this knowledge with the others easily - used Babel and follows recent additions/functionalities
  • Deep knowledge about at least one frontend framework (React.js prefered) - knows its APIs/functions/features, deeply used them in abstract constructions/utilized keeping good practices, was working on at least 2-4 projects involving such technologies, have commercial experience in it
  • Have worked with many state containers on daily basis and know their pros/cons and is able to pick the one for specific needs
  • Written apps that were SPA's, SSR's or others
  • Configured many projects with Webpack v4 + Babel
  • Connected to many REST APIs, knows basic concepts of correctly structured REST APIs and knows how to manage these correctly
  • Have some basic experience with AWS - utilised Cognito, Kinesis, S3 or similar solutions
  • Have experience with Docker - knows how to run things and adjust when needed
  • Open-minded to new challenges (TypeScript, frameworks other than React.js, etc) with company coherency in mind
  • English on B2 minimum - documentation/tasks/other reading/writing

Great To Have

  • Knows why MVP is important and even due to quick delivery times wants to do a good job with the quality level
  • Team-Player - was working in Agile/Scrum on a daily basis consisting of people with similar skills and monitoring code quality on a daily basis

Your First Three Months In MasterBorn

1st month: Getting into knowing each other. You will be introduced to the team and project you will be working on. During this month you should get as much of a knowledge about our good practices, code quality expectations and ask questions if anything will be unsure to you (code or project wise). We will also depend on your expertise and experience inside of the project.

2nd month: As initial boot-start period will pass, you will be mostly independent inside of the project with the person (teammate or cross-project person) responsible for your PR checks. You as a team will be working with a project Tech Lead/Solution Architect on solving daily problems like connecting APIs or architecture approach towards the project solutions. We will expect from you a direct involvement and improvements inside of the project.

3rd month: You should be "assimilated" into the team. You will be expected to give solutions towards daily issues/tasks and talk them through with Tech Lead/Solution Architect. You will have bigger responsibility during client calls (i.e. explaining complex problems) or generally be more involved in the client communication. We would love and expect from you to have you share with us your opinion about company technical aspects and improvement possibilities of these.

Perks & Benefits

I. Flexible Schedules To Meet Your Needs

Flexible schedules. You decide how you organize your work, as long as you and your team are happy with the results.

II. You Will Work On Inspiring Projects

American projects; you will have the opportunity to meet American culture of work.

Top-notch hardware; you will work on the MacBook PRO, because we like to work on the best equipment.

III. Never Stop Growing

You will have individual growth budget for your educational plan.

You will have your own kindle and unlimited access to great books.

IV. Take Care Of Your Mood

You will be able to use medical treatment in any place you prefer.

You will be able to use your sports card for the gym or other sports activities.

We are looking for people who they want to be proud of the code and product they create.



HTML Docker API JS CSS AWS React.js Webpack RESTAPI SPA RestAPI Babel SSR


Other Development
Poland, Wrocław
Type d'emploi
Type de contrat
Expérience en années
4 - 15  Années
Niveau d'anglais
Intermédiaire B1-B2
Salaire Net
17 000 PLN