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The objective of the our projects is to provide a single source of truth for in-vivo study design, by improving the design information model and related user interface, as well as enabling protocol management process improvements. The ultimate goals are to enable:
  1. Planning ahead for resources (animals, compounds, assays, people, etc.).
  2. Replacement of Workfront with Tasko module (for managing study tasks) integrated with other systems.
  3. More powerful meta-analysis and cross-study comparison.

Your daily tasks on the job:

  • Taking ownership of designing, developing, testing and documentation of the systems (Tech Lead)
  • Taking care of the quality of the code and the entire product
  • Implementing microservices
  • Analyzing existing software implementations to identify areas of improvement and provide estimates for implementing new features
  • Close cooperation with global customer teams


Microservices Java11 SpringBoot Mongo SPRINGBOOT


Poland, Warszawa
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